Lahore Fortress Apartments


  • The neighborhood where Lahore Fortress Apartment Homes is located is witnessing rapid infrastructural development and massive changes in the real estate landscape. The following points explain why the project boasts an ideal location:

  • Entrance from main Raiwind Road

  • Lahore Ring Road Interchange nearby

  • Easy access to M2 Motorway 

  • 10 km from Lahore Wildlife Park

  • Close proximity to educational institutions and healthcare facilities 

What’s on Offer?

  • Lahore Fortress Apartment Homes offers the following property options:

  • 2-bed Apartments

  • 3-bed Apartments

Project Highlights

  • Lahore Fortress Apartment Homes is the right step in the right direction. The project is going to usher in a luxurious apartment lifestyle by offering its residents the same level of class and convenience that the people of Lahore generally associate with bungalows.

  • Lahore Fortress Apartment Homes features the following international-standard facilities and amenities:

  • Parks & children’s play area

  • 24/7 security system

  • Exclusive parking for visitors & disabled people 

  • Indoor games

  • Underground facilities

  • Gymnasium

  • Central masjid

  • Firefighting system

  • 24/7 maintenance staff

  • Rainwater drainage system

  • Hotel

  • Shopping Mall

  • Playgroup & primary school system

  • Cinema

  • Club

lahore_fortress_apartment_top view.JPG

Why invest in Lahore Fortress Apartment Homes?

  • Lahore Fortress Apartment Homes is an investor favorite, as the following facts make this project a noteworthy proposition: 

  • Expected annual rental yield of 6-7 %

  • Approved by Lahore Development Authority

  • Close proximity to Lahore Ring Road and Alternate Route to Raiwind Road

  • Raiwind Road is currently the hotbed of infrastructure development due to which property prices have increased by up to 50% in the last 3 years

  • The financial sector offers a return of only 5.75%, while other industries also offer low returns, making real estate the optimal investment option

  • According to a report, the housing shortfall in Pakistan has crossed over 10 million units in 2018, increasing the demand for properties in projects such as Lahore Fortress Apartment Homes

  • Lahore & Karachi accommodate 62% of Pakistan’s urban population, causing a substantial increase in demand for high quality housing

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About the Developer

  • IQL is a consortium of Pakistan’s leading real estate consultants, developers, and builders. IKAN, Q Links and Laal Estates have combined their expertise, energies and resources to plan, execute, and deliver groundbreaking ideas in lifestyle community development.
    With Lahore Fortress, IQL aims to transform into reality a shared dream of shaping a new dimension of real estate through its trendsetting projects.